Features Overview


ALL RAYARMOR Window Film product is 100% Made in the U.S.A.

Our team has invested in the latest technology for precision laminating and coating machinery.Many of our processes and applications are proprietary,patented technology.

Leading the competition with:

99% UItraviolet Rejection
Exceptional Optical CIarity
Guaranteed to not peel,bubble or crack
Industry leading stable dye,won't fade or discolor
Extensive range of VLT's


Nano Eclipse

The ultimate choice for demanding automotive enthusiasts. Nano-Eclipse IR is a Nano Ceramic window film which provides maximum heat (TSER) and infrared (IR) rejection. This performance line is metal-free, color-stable and offers superior protection to your vehicle’s interior from UVA and UVB rays.


Carbon Eclipse

Carbon-Eclipse IR is premium metal and dye free film that offers excellent heat (TSER) and infrared (IR) rejection. Maintain maximum cooling effects, UV protection and low reflective light (VLR) to ensure the ultimate driving experience.


Flex Cool

Flex Cool is ideal for high-temperature, direct sun environments. The FLEX series offer unsurpassed installation ease. The Flex-Cool line has the widest range of available visible light transmission (VLT), as low as 3%. This line offers superior privacy and exceptional cooling.


Flex Blocker

Flex series films are engineered for easy installation utilizing advanced laminated technology. Extremely color stable, non-reflective, non-metalized and scratch resistant. Flex Blocker’s UV resistance provides enhanced protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.


RA l

RAI is the original, high-quality film offered in the RAYARMOR line. True charcoal dyed, non-metallized film that protects against heat, glare and UV damage. RAI is 1 MIL / 1 PLY construction. This film has a beautiful color-stable charcoal tone available in VLT ranges from 5% to 50%.


RA ll

RAII has all the performance features of the Original RA-I film with the addition of next-level scratch resistance and durability with 1.5 MIL / 2 PLY construction.